When it comes to CrossFit programming, there are many different parts that makes a great WOD. By definition, CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.” And this is something I always keep in mind when programming WODs. The program you'll get is totally custom made for your box according to equipment and number of active members etc.

It was a big step for me to put this service on our website. But something I have noticed is that there are many companies that offers WOD programs for CrossFit boxes, but there are very few who supply complete programs. Instead the owner must put time and energy to sit and put together the WODs to a own program, and puzzle which sessions should come after the other, in order for their members to achieve effective development.

Therefore, I took the step and put out this service; Because I know there are owners who want to remove the need to think and worry about whether they have a working WOD concept or not. With a complete WOD program from BUILT by Nordberg you'll make it easy for yourself. After we have talked, it's just for you to put up today's WOD on the white board and coach your members to awesome training that gives great results and long-term developments!

Why should you choose BUILT by Nordberg complete WOD program for your box?

  • When you order a complete WOD program for your box it means that you outsource the programming task. All extra work regarding programming is off your table so you can focus 100% on coaching your members
  • The program is custom made for your box based on your equipment, number of active members etc.
  • We’ll have close contact for check ups and discussions on how to change the programs structure over time
  • No extra work for you, you’ll get the complete WOD programs directly to your profile
  • You decide on how many WODs you want per weeks/months/years
  • You can count on getting efficient and well-structured WOD programs so your members get the most out of their training

The price of a complete wod program is variable. The price may vary depending on the number of WODs each week, the programs structure, the number of members at your box etc.

You are welcome to contact me and we can discuss how your program could look like. I'll be happy to give you a price proposal before you decide to buy a complete WOD program for your box from BUILT by Nordberg.